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New Feature for Conversion Counting (Flexible Conversion Counting)

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Hi All,


I've read new article on .

This article explains us about the new way to counting our conversion in AdWords.

It tells about converted clicks and conversions replacing conversion 1 per click and conversion many per click.


My question is, what the difference between the new method of counting the conversion compare the older one?

Is it more effective? 


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Re: New Feature for Conversion Counting (Flexible Conversion Counting)

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Converted Clicks (1 per click) it still like before , just change in the name.

Conversions ( many per clicks) it has more flexibility than before and really useful for people who have multiple conversions, you can count conversion by two ways all conversoins and unique conversion, so it depends on what you choose, let's say you have ecommerce site and want to track sales and catalog downloads , some customer makes 3 sales and 2 downloads , you decided to choose download as "unique" and sales as"all" so it will be counted as 4 conversions in this column, 3 sales and 1 download.

Hope that helps