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Negative value for "Estimated added clicks per week"

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I want to take some decisions based on the new columns "Estimated added clicks per week for the Top of page Bid" , and the cost for these.


The interesting fact I have stumbled upon is that for a keyword it gives me negative values, as if when I will increase the bid to "Top of page" I will actually get less clicks than now Smiley Happy


How is this possible ? The daily budget is 2 times the spending of the campaign so it is not a problem of budget.


Please see below , currently my avg. cpc is 0.1 , the top of page bid is 0.6 and the Est. Add. clicks/wk is minus 30 :


The keyword is in simple broad match.



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Re: Negative value for "Estimated added clicks per week"

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Hey Adrian,


Thanks for pointing this out. I'm going to dig a little deeper into why you are seeing negatives. 

Re: Negative value for "Estimated added clicks per week"

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I made a filter for Bid simulator >> Est. add. cost /wk (top page bid) with values <0 and it shows me 8 keywords from 189 in a campaign and in another campaign I have 10 keywords with negative values out of 420. To rule out the daily budget i multiplied it 3 times ,waited for a while and ran the simulation again .


It is not very important I am just curious how the bid simulation works Smiley Happy