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Need help with conversion data please

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If you would kindly review this screenshot, you can see there are conversions happening.


But I am not always getting values. The first two show conversions, but no values. The shirts show conversions and values.

What am I missing?
(Some of you have been helping with with tag code issues for shopify. This is a follow up to that. I was getting zero conversion data before)
Thank you

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Re: Need help with conversion data please

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Hi Jason,

I am afraid I don't follow you here.

I went through the screenshot and I see conversions recorded only for the last banner ad and values associated with the sale. I do not see any conversions for the top 2 banners.

I believe what you are referring to is "View Through Conversion" or VTC. These are conversions recorded only on the display network that too only for Banner ads. Basically, VTC is a measure of conversions recorded from users who were exposed to your banner ad sometime in the past few days but the user did not click on the ad (or even see it). It basically helps you understand if you banner ads were able to drive brand recall, so that users come back to your site and convert finally.

This link may help:

Lastly, you are not going to get a dedicated column to track value for every VTC conversion. At best, you can use these conversion numbers to present case that AdWords as a platform is helping you drive leads through other mediums as an AdWords GDN banner ad was the first point of exposure of your brand for a particular user.

Hope I have answered your query here.

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Need help with conversion data please

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Hi Jason,

Have you added dynamic conversion value inside the javascript code or how exactly is the configuration? Reason being it will depend upon how you have actually configured it. Static or dynamic? Also the conversion value will start populating after you configured it, not before that.

Here are the more specific details that can be explored:-


Re: Need help with conversion data please

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Thank you for the help. I have had a lot of trouble implementing the tag in my shopify platform to track these sales. This last post was the most useful and because of this post, I actually started to see some conversion data

If anyone has input, I am 100% open.