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National and local campaign using same keywords

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I am about to start a campaign for New Delhi real estate services. I have doubt regarding the local and national campaign. 


should I go for generic keywords like : real estate, properties for sale " and target new delhi location. ( with people in and search for ) .. 


Or should I go for specific keywords like : real estate delhi, property for sale in dehi and target the national campaign all India..


Please help !




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September 2015

Re: National and local campaign using same keywords

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Hi Tarun,

Welcome to the community!

This is a great question. I suggest you can think this way:

The location you target is where your potential customers might be. If there is great chance they might come from everywhere from India, than you should do the national one. Or vice versa.

For the keywords, that's the more interesting one that you need to do some test. Apparently there are more combination than you've list here, and plus different keywords match type, it's more complicated than it supposed to be.

Do some calculation and find the highest leads you would like to pay for and optimized for your campaign continuously.

Hope this helps!


Re: National and local campaign using same keywords

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Thanks Jason for the prompt response.

I will start the campaign for location with keyword like " real estate " .. so someone searching for "real estate delhi " also see my ads..

Am I right ?