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My first Adword campaign

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Hi there,


How long does it take for my new Adword Campaign to make a showing in the rankings?



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September 2015

Re: My first Adword campaign

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Hey 87billy,


Welcome to the forum!


As long as nothing is pending/under review, ads can sometimes begin to show immediately or at the latest 24 hours.


Some of this can depend on how your account is setup, the types of keywords you are bidding on and how much you are willing to bid.


I would keep an eye on your account and make changes as necessary if you aren't seeing ads appear. 


Here are some great 'get started' articles:


Welcome to AdWords - basic intro items.

Finding Your First Ads - this is a good one which instructs on how to make sure your ads are running.

Tips for Creating Successful Text Ads - optimization techniques for ad copy.


Hope some of these help. Please, don't hesitate to ask additional questions as you work your way through the interface & process of setting up & running campaigns.