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My conlusion on Adwords

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I've been experimenting with Gogle ad words for the last couple of weeks

and I have come to the conclusion that ADWORDS is very least

as compared to Microsoft advertising.. not sure why that is but It is a fact.


No matter what you try to do with your keywords or ads or whatever you try to do

don't be fooled ... Adwords makers have adwords set to were you will get very

little impressions or clicks unless you start at least with a MAX bid of 2 dollars.


I am not a foll. I know a lot about computers and my assessment is accurate. They

will tell you and convince you  with their customer support and all their piles and piles of information

of how to improve your results but the fact is you can try all of it but unless you

start off with a bid of 3 bucks on your keywords you aint gonna get crap... and that is a heap steep

cost for just one matter which way you look at you have to admit that paying

this much money for each click is simply insane.


I did try ADWORDS years ago and it was lots more realistic .. you could get decent resulta

and clicks even as low as 15 cents and sometimes even 5 cents...but not anymore.. I gave

ADWORDS another try this week to confirm my results and sure enough google has this

program designed to rip you off...


If you can prove me wrong please do.. I challenge anybody usig Goog;e adwords to discredit

my conclusions.. If any one of you users out there have been getting thousends of impressions and

hundreds of clicks at 5, 10, 20 and even anything less than 50 cents MAX cost,,then by golly

email me or post your opinion... otherwise if nobody challenges my findings then google adwords

is in fact a rip off


In the meantime I will conyinue using MICROSOFT ADVERTISING.. I was shocked at the difference

there... and I do have identical campaigns setup on both MSFT advertising and GOOGLE adwords..

I amean it is simply rediculous folks.. WITH MCSFT advertising I get hundreds of clicks with

the same campaign settings (ADS, KEYWORDS,DEMOGRAPHICS etc..) at a rediculously low cost

per click of 5. 10 and 15 cents.


I just wanted to share all this with all the other see if you all agree with me.. I hate the thought that

GOOGLE is really into this simply to get rich off small business owner's not so rich pockets..and taking

full advantage of monopolising the COST PER CLICK market.. I sure hope this is not the case

but from my experience of the last few weeks it seems to be very true..

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Re: My conlusion on Adwords

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HI harveysloane

Here are few points to ponder for you

1. In adwords historical data plays a big role for account and 2 weeks is not enough time to build history of account. Youd Costs will go down if your account keeps performing over a couple of months

2. MSN adcenter to the best of my knowledge works on same principals

3. If you are not getting enough impressions I think your QS must be pretty low. I would suggest you build your QS and also wait for some more times before drawing conclusions. I have been using adwords for more than 4 yrs now Smiley Happy and I havent concluded anything as of now

4. As you are aware adwords works on auction so I would like to assume that a year ago your keywords didnt have a lot of competition but now they have.

I wouldnt like to comment on if MSN adcenter is better or google adwords but I would suggest you go through this study material and if possible also give the certification exam. I am sure you will be able to make a lot more sense from your campaign on any network MSN, ADwords or any other

Hope that helps

Regards, Nik
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Re: My conlusion on Adwords

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Agree with the post above. But here's an easy answer: Your competition is most likely setting that bid at $2 or higher. 

Re: My conlusion on Adwords

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Hello harveysloane; welcome to our Community;

I have carefully read your post.

Before abandoning AdWords, I would urge you to read the following excellent article (+1000 views), by one of our Top Contributors; AdWiser: "When Advertising Gets Tough". - A personal prospective on Quality Score and brand awareness.




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Re: My conlusion on Adwords

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I agree with the poster of this thread. I had used Adwords months ago and again now since I was given another add credit.


I mean really, I can write an add and have keywords that are in the add, the keyword list AND are found on every landing page I have ads for.


Initially the keywords show 7 or higher until they get approved then almost all of them drop to 3/4 (even though the system says everything about the add and keywords are relevant)??


No one in their right mind is going to spends hundreds of dollars a week, waiting on google system to catch up and say oh hey look at that, those add and keywords are great and boost your QS etc. Maybe the big companies have the money to do this but unfortunately, Google makes it appear their system works on $$ alone!


No matter what I have in an add, the QS for keywords ALL drop, except for the keywords I have that are "rarely" searched for. Those oddly enough have a high QS.


My take on the whole Adword system is if you don't mind spending a fortune to make pennies then keep on using Adwords. When my credit runs out I will again close all of my Ads. I've been down this road before and nothing the Adwords programming does seem to have changed.


And btw, I've written adds that have text that don't show up on other Adword users ads when I search for the keywords I am using. The only way I can get an add to show is by setting a retarded amount of $$ for the default bid..That in itself is wrong Google!