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My ad is approved AND not yet serving?

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Guys, I'm having some teething problem with Google Display Network. I've created a new "Display Network only" campaign and my ads were approved. I have chose placement targeting (target and bid) and no display keywords. But the status of the websites in placement table kept showing "Not serving". I have increased the daily budget as well as the maximum bid. Nothing works. Any idea what went wrong?

Re: My ad is approved AND not yet serving?

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Here are a Couple of things to look for.

1) Check that your placements are actually Showing "Adwords Ads" when you go to their sites do you see Adwords Ads on the, ( or when you choose the placement did you pick by adding URL's or from the display planner?

2) Do you have a majority of the Ad sizes? If you just only a few ad size, you are restricting when your ad will can be shown.

3) Placement Ads usually cost a lot more then a few quarters, to win those spots. On average a Bid around a $1,00 - $3,00 might be necessary to win that auction ( you may not pay that CPC, but might have to bid in that price range)

4) Has your credit card been declined or out of date expiration or any Billing Issues?

The above are the common things in which can keep you from getting ad impression on Managed Placements.

here are some help desk references as well

You can run this Diagostic questions to find answers

Fix placement issues

If you answered question in the diagnostics here would be some other results:,1715270,1715271,1715273,1...

Has your ad been approved?Yes
Was your credit card declined?No
Is your campaign set up to run on the Google Display Network?Yes
Is your ad in the correct format for the site you’re looking at?Yes
Are you running many different sizes of image ads?Yes

Here are some common reasons why you may not see your Display ad:

Placement targeting
Placements are locations on the Google Display Network where your ad can appear.

You may not see your ad if you've targeted your ad to appear only in specific placements on the Display Network, and you're not looking on those particular sites or pages. You can see which placements you've targeted by following these steps:

Go to the Networks tab at the ad group level.
Find the Display Network table, and click show details next to "Managed placements."
Location targeting
Location targeting lets you target your ads to specific areas.

For each AdWords campaign, you can select the countries or regions and the languages for your ad. That campaign's ads will appear only to users located in those areas and who have selected one of those languages as their preference. If you're located outside the area you're targeting, you won't be able to find your ad by searching for it. Learn how to view and edit the locations you've targeted.

Ad scheduling
You may not be able to find your ad if you've scheduled it to only run at certain hours of the day, or days of the week. See the scheduling you've selected for your ad.

Low bids
Bidding is very competitive on the Google Display Network. If you've chosen placements that are very popular, but your ad group bid is very low, then your ad may not appear in those placements. You can try raising your placements bid for the entire ad group or just for the managed placement. Learn how to edit your bids.

Searching outside the Google Display Network
Make sure that the site you're looking at is part of the Google Display Network. Learn more about the sites that make up the Google Display Network.

Hope that helps.