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Multiregional Page Ads Redirection

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Hey , 


So I have a website that has 3 different country level domains. 


The website redirects people to the appropriate country level domain depending their location. 


Should I create 3 different ads targeting the different countries with the correct country level domain OR

can I create one ad for the .com and when someone presses that ad get redirected to the appropriate domain. 


I know that the ad must send the people to the correct URL without redirecting to a different one but are they really different domains?



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Re: Multiregional Page Ads Redirection

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Create a different campaign for each country, and point the ads directly to the appropriate URL.

This avoids any problem with ads being disapproved for having an incorrect display URL. It is also best practice to give countries their own campaigns for numerous reasons. For example if they were in the same campaign and your budget is set to accelerated, one country would gobble up the budget before the others woke up.

Re: Multiregional Page Ads Redirection

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Hi Angelos,

Agree with Robert. You should create your campaign according to you Domain Location. This will save you any policy violation in future and you can easily judge your campaign Performance and optimize accordingly.

if your any country specific domain Campaigns performance will be better then you can adjust the budget accordingly and focus on that campaign for improve the performance.


Re: Multiregional Page Ads Redirection

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The prime factor here is the relevancy. You should direct the users to the relevant landing page or relevant domain.


Based on your customers, you should split your campaigns at country level and direct the users to the relevant landing page. 


I am assuming that you created different top level domains keeping in mind the country specific audiences. So you should map that with your AdWords account too and create different campaigns targeting different countries. Hence your ads would also be different for them.


My 2 cents!