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Multiple Tracking Codes

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For some magazine advertisements I am doing, I would like to buy 6 different domain names ( for a foodie magazine) and get 6 different Google Adwords tracking codes. Then have the tracking codes installed on each page of the website.  However, I want to make sure this is the best way to acheive my end results of seeing how many people visited my website from that food magazine and make sure that the the multiple tracking codes won't negatively effect the tracking on Google Analytics. Comments and Suggestions Welcome Please!

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Re: Multiple Tracking Codes

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Do you want to track some type of event like a sale, signup or page view or do you want to track the website activity metrics (time on site, bounce rate, etc) of the Google AdWords traffic?

If you just want to track the traffic activity of AdWords in Google Analytics all you need to do is link the two accounts and then you will have an Advertising section appear in Analytics.

If you want to track an event or action like a sale, signup, etc you can use either AdWords conversion tracking or Analytics goals.

I guess I just need to understand better what you are trying to achieve.


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Re: Multiple Tracking Codes

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It sound like what you actually are talking about is not AdWords conversion tracking code, but Analytics tracking code.

If you have several domains there are a few things to think about before you start adding codes. I´d suggest you take a look at the "Fundamentals => Account Administration" lesson here:



Re: Multiple Tracking Codes

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Hello LakeTour,


In case you are talking about Google adwords here and you want to purchase 6 different domains to target one business i.e. your foodie magazine as you referred above, I would like to stress on one business - one adwords account strongly here.


Please make sure that you don't indulge yourself in double serving of Google ads, which is strongly prohibited if you have a single business and you are trying to create multiple adwords account for that. Read this policy for details.


Of course you are most welcome to install Google analytics for your different domains. But if all domains are meant for single business, then keep a single adwords account and you are allowed to advertise all the domains under that single account.


Just a thought!