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Multiple Google Forwarding Numbers On One Page

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Hello everyone, I'm currently playing about with the Google call forwarding script and was wondering if there is a way to have multiple google forwarding scripts that would change several numbers, each number would have it's own google forwarding number and conversion action. 


You can check out this thread:


I thought they had great ideas to implement this. 


Im currently using Google Tag Manager to insert my tracking codes.

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Multiple Google Forwarding Numbers On One Page

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Hi Samuel,


I'm sure it is possible on the website if you use multiple scripts and multiple span classes. Each script will only replace the span class that is named.


However you have no way of telling Google to use multiple call extensions. I suspect that the best case scenario is that Google would use one call extension per ad click. If you have multiple call extensions in an ad group, Google will use one only.


I have been looking for a solution to this for years, and my understanding is the only way is via a paid 3rd party service.


Multiple Google Forwarding Numbers On One Page

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Here is my configuration right now: 


I have 3 conversion action in adwords (phone call on website), one for a local number, one for a toll free number and another one for a mobile number. I inserted the phone number when creating this conversion action. I copied the tracking code and went to google tag manager and created the tags there. I also created only one call extension using the local number, I did not create one for the two other number. 


So what happen is that when I click on my ad, on my landing page I have my local number listed 5 times and the number change to the google forwarding number just fine. I don't have my two other phone number listed on this page, but if they navigate to another page I linked, or go to my main website, there is my mobile phone number and my toll free phone number showing. So when I go to the page were those number are displaying, my toll free number change to another google forwarding number (different from the local one) and work fine but the mobile phone number listed under the toll free number does not change to a google forwarding number. 


So I can track multiple phone number on different pages, but I can only track one per page, not multiple. 


So on my pages I have multiple Call Metrics Tags/Script but Google Tag only fire one, not multiple. 


Im not sure what I should do, on the adwords help documentation they seem to imply that we should be able to track multiple phone numbers:


In the instructions section, Step 2: Install your conversion tracking tag, I choosed the first option (Enter your phone number as it appears), but on the second option (Don't enter a number) they say this: 


You should use this option if you want to track calls to multiple phone numbers on your website.


Im already able to track multiple phone numbers on my website with the first option, im just not able to track multiple phone numbers on the same page.


My tracking codes is using the autoreplace function, not the span classes or ids.


Anyone have a verified working script to track multiple phone numbers on the same page ? If possible with different google forwarding number for each, and separate conversion action. 


Thank You.