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Multiple Conversion Codes and Goals

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I'm looking to add an additional conversion tracking code to my website. I already have a tracking code to show the number of users who checkout on my website. I would like to add a code to show the number of users who download a catalog. Is this possible using the same conversion code just on the new specific page? Or is there something else I have to do to make this work? If I do this will I have to create separate AdWords campaigns or will both conversions show up in all campaigns.

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Re: Multiple Conversion Codes and Goals

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You may want to look into using Google Analytics for Tracking this extra download.
You can create a goal in analytics, then import that goal back into adwords.

The goal can be the simple landing on the Thank You page.

keeping Goals separate will help you understand your ROI better. where as a Checkout is usually a monetary event, and a download something ie catalog is not monetary and more of a projection.

But Yes you can use the same code ( not advisable).
Conversion data will show up across the account as long as the event happened and is independent of what keyword, ad group or campaign. For example Campaign 1 and Campaign 3 both had clicks that resulted in a conversion event. They both ended up at the same final end result and the conversion tracking correctly identified the source of the event.

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