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Multiple Adwords Account linking to single analytics account

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Hello Team,


I am currently facing this multiple adwords account linking to single analytics account and tracking.


The situation is:


My client is working with two other agencies, each takes care of certain vertical of his business. No double serving violation is there. Each vertical has campaigns for multiple geos and each agency has their own adwords account delivering the results.


He recently wants to integrate all the adwords account with his single analytics account.


I have the following queries:


If we connect all the adwords accounts to single analytics account, will we able to track the conversions unique to the accounts without issues? There are both micro and macro conversions. 


For the macro conversions (which is sale), I feel it is possible to track them using multiple conversion tracking codes (one for each account)in the thank you page which tracks the conversion when it comes from the respective adwords traffic.


For micro conversions like form submissions (which is a lead conversion) which are tracked via event tracking, will it be possible to track them and give appropriate credit to the adwords account that has sent the lead?


Will we be able to run remarketing campaigns without conflicts? For example if the user comes to shoes category through one adwords account, he falls into shoes remarketing bucket and he also has visited apparels category pages by which he falls into apparels remarketing bucket (which is handled by another adwords account); in this case he will be seeing multiple remarketing ads or is there a way we can show ads differently?


Or is there a solution where we can avoid using multiple adwords accounts and yet service the client according to his needs? 


Please do help me!



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Re: Multiple Adwords Account linking to single analytics account

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Hi Vijay, with the macro conversions via AdWords conversion tracking codes you shouldn't have a problem as these will report to their respective Accounts, as you've already said.


For the micro-conversions it's more tricky and I'll admit I haven't got a perfect solution for you but only some ideas.


Are you using Google Tag Manager (GTM)?  If you're not, I'd recommend you switch to it as soon as possible as it'll make this and all your future tagging/event management a lot easier.  If you're using GTM it's very easy to define "rules" for tag firing so one thing you could try is creating tags for events for your micro conversions, then having different rules for each AdWords Account.  To identify the Account you'd need some unique parameter, possibly passed by the destination URL, though there are other options using your landing pages and coding.


So, you might have a form submission event configured in GTM, and if you have 3 AdWords Accounts, you'd create three tags for this event, with different rules for each so that in Analytics you'd see 3 separate Goals.  You can, of course, then import the appropriate Goal to the appropriate AdWords Account.

As I said, I'm not sure this is the best solution but it might give you some ideas to work with.



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Re: Multiple Adwords Account linking to single analytics account

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Thanks Jon.

Appreciate your time and the suggestions.

I was actually planning to use GTM for this purpose, but since the forms used by client is an AJAX form, I still couldn't figure out tracking AJAX form submissions (where no success page or url is present or invisible url option is there) using GTM.

Thanks again for the suggestions.