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Multiple AdWord Accounts Share Same Confirmation Page...Trouble

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Hi Everyone-


Here is our issue. We have a business of 250+ storefronts in the hearing aid business throughout the US.  Each of these locations have their own designated URL for their store. Each of these locations also have their own AdWords account because we wanted to adjust the budget per location, and each location has several different type of events that require several different types of budgets. So it was the only way we could go instead of creating one campaign per location (since we cannot adjust the budget for a different set of ad groups).  


I want to add conversion tracking to our websites.  Our websites all use the same confirmation page though. So 212 websites all will end up at the same Thank You Page. In Google we'd have to generate 212 snippets of code to properly track the conversions back to the location...can we add this much code to one confirmation page?

Re: Multiple AdWord Accounts Share Same Confirmation Page...Trouble

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Hey All, how are things?


It's definitely not recommended to have 212 snippets in just one page. 


A few things comes in mind from  what you have said:


1. Google Tag Manager

It's one of the most important tools for website owners that have multiple snippets in their website. Pardon me if already know about GTM, but here's a brief explanation: Every snippet inserted on the site means a request that your page do. Lots of requests tends to slowdown your page, hence providing poor experience for the user and lot of other problems. Google Tag Manager come to solve this. You can remove every snippet from your site and have only the GTM snippet. All of your others snippets would be triggered inside GTM, which will count as only 1 request on your site.


Now, I've never handled with that many snippets on GTM so I can't tell how it would behave, and that leads me to option number 2


2. Give Location Unique IDs

This option would involve some development on your website thank you page. The idea is to give each location an unique ID which they would use on their URLs, so that when the user comes from the campaign from let's say LOCAL1, your website identify this on the URL and only trigger the snippet for that location.


3. Google Analytics Integration

Again, this will rely on the account volume too. Adwords can be linked with Google Analytics account, so the idea is to have Goals set up in Analytics, and those goals can be imported to Adwords, so you just have to set your thank you page and goals with analytics. This would solve the page problem, but I don't know if Analytics have a limit for the number of linked account.


This is how you link accounts:


4. Cross-account Conversion Tracking

Maybe that's the best solution. You can have all of those accounts under the same Manager Account (former MCC), and have a cross-account conversion tracking. 


This page have every detail:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Multiple AdWord Accounts Share Same Confirmation Page...Trouble

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Thank you for your reply. The Unique ID might be the option we go. I will keep you posted.

Thank you!