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Multilingual Conversion Tracking via GA

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Hi guys,


here is my situation:


- one page wit 5 different languages

- 5 different AdWords accounts for different the languages

- One Google Analytics Event Goal (Lead submit) for all languages


My plan:

- connect each AdWords account to this one GA goal


My question:


1) Will Adwords only count the conversions that have been generated through an ad click of that account (that language)?


2 ) or Will it always import all conversions? 


3) or would I need to build separate goals for each language and then connect them to the account?





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November 2015

Re: Multilingual Conversion Tracking via GA

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Hi Julian,

The conversions will always be fed back to the AdW·ords account (ad group, ad and keyword) that triggered the visit.

However, you should probably not have 5 different accounts - one for each language as you run the risk of double serving - rather you should config so you have one campaign for each language within a single account.

Here's why.... suppose you run some brand keywords - Acme widgets... this is likely to appear in all your campaigns regardless of language. If someone searches for acme widgets in any of your languages, then all 5 accounts might serve an ad - although Google "should" only serve French ads to French users - this is not guaranteed - so you could well serve 5 ads to the same user - and this against the double serving policy and could get your accounts suspended.

It may be that you actually meant 5 campaigns - not 5 accounts - but I thought it worthy of mention.

Re: Multilingual Conversion Tracking via GA

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thanks for your answer.

this is for a larger client. They have different accounts for each language.