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Multi-step Sales Funnel Tracking

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Hello friends,


I have been dabbling with AdWords the past month or so and had the following question:

Say I have a website where I would like people to purchase an item and/or signup for a newsletter.


I understand how to track conversions if the person clicks the ad and the buys a product.


What would be the best way to track the conversion value for a newsletter signup that decides to buy a product at a later date?


Thank you!

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Multi-step Sales Funnel Tracking

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hi Artur,


the conversion value is the numerical figure that you think is worth to your business. it could be $10, or $1. it depends on how much you are going to make from the sales.





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Multi-step Sales Funnel Tracking

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Hi Zaby,


Thanks for your reply.


I wanted to figure out the exact numerical figure that it would be worth to my business, and the only way I can figure that out is track how many of those newsletter signups end up actually purchasing a product. What would be the best way to do that?