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Multi Conversion Tracking

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Hello all,


I am running campaigns for different courses i offer like MS.NET, SharePoint .etc i run campaigns based on this categories which have different landing pages, when people click on the Ad and want to subscribe it is redirected to pricing page from there he needs to choose the particular course and need to subscribe.



As of now there is only one pricing page with all the courses in it when user selects a course he will be sent to payment gateway.


So help me how to track different conversions for different courses.


Thanks in Advance.


Re: Multi Conversion Tracking

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Hey Harsha,

You should be able to track these with AdWords Conversions codes. As long as there is a "thank you" page after someone subscribes you can add the AdWords code between the <body></body> tags and that will track it in AdWords. If all the different courses lead back to the same thank you page then you only need one code. But if there are multiple thank you pages then you should create a new code for each course they sign up for and add it to each separate "thank you" page. The reason I say use multiple codes is so that the conversion names in AdWords will be different, this will allow a more user-friendly overview to see which sales you got right away from AdWords.

Refer to this Google support page for the instructions on how to set this up: