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Much higher revenue volume showing in Adwords vs Analytics

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I've tried to research this as thoroughly as possible, as I can see there are a lot of common issues on this topic, but I'm still somewhat stumped.


The Conv. value in Adwords for one of my e-commerce clients is a massive 52% higher than what is being reported in Google Analytics for 'Revenue' for the Source/Medium 'google / cpc'.


I've double checked the date ranges match, and I've checked the conversion window in Adwords and it is set to 45 days. Auto-tagging in Adwords is also enabled, and Adwords is linked to Google Analytics.


I've been referred to this article for possible theories as to why this could be, and checked similar posts on the web and Adwords community forums, but I still can't seem to pin down the root cause. And a lot of data discrepancy issues seem to show Analytics as having a higher revenue value. However in my case it;s Adwords showing the much higher value.


Any suggestions on how I can closer align the two, or fix this issue would be much appreciated. At the very least, it'd be great if I can identify the root cause, so that I can then explain to the client, and then advise on which metric should be preferred for a reference point on total revenue moving forward.

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Re: Much higher revenue volume showing in Adwords vs Analytics

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Hey Christian, 


Without knowing the data I can only speculate but here are some thoughts ... 

  • Have you QA'ed to see that the conversion values are the same (simple but sometimes overlooked) 
  • Are you recording the same amount of conversions in AdWords as you are in Google Analytics? If so, have you tried looking at the 'Multi-Channel Funnel' in analytics to see if some of your other channels (paid or or organic) are dividing the value of the conversions between 'sources'? 
  • Are you marking you conversions in AdWords as 'unique conversions' or ' all conversions'? This could be a big discrepancy because of repeat buyers.  


Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: Much higher revenue volume showing in Adwords vs Analytics

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the pointers. Having a 2nd look, using your advice as a guide, I suspect the issue lies in Google Analytics attributing a proportion of the Adwords revenue to other traffic sources, even though Adwords was the original referring source. As you advised in your 2nd point, a number of transactions and revenue have been divided across different sources.

Thanks for your help.