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Mobile Click to Call - Conv Tracking

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I have added a Mobile Click to Call button, using the google forwarding number. I set it up so that calls more then 45 sec are counted as conversions.


How do I set up a conversion in: tools and analysis > conversions for this? Also knows as  

Call conversions.
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Re: Mobile Click to Call - Conv Tracking

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I dont think you should use Google forwarding number on your landing page.

The documentation here


"Custom Google forwarding numbers should not be used for any other purpose. These numbers are a property of Google and can change or be reassigned at any time. Also, you'll be unable to identify calls generated from AdWords versus calls generated from other sources or marketing efforts."


Now if you want to track click to calls from your website, you can either use analytics events or calls as conversions.

But if you want to track calls more than x seconds as conversions then you will need to integrate 3rd party call tracking tools.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Mobile Click to Call - Conv Tracking

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I would like you to emphasize on the announcement made in the month of November on official blog saying that mobile click to calls will be recorded as Conversions and you will see new Conversion type as Calls from ads showing you the increment whenever Google records a phone call from mobile device. This is an automatically generated category which Google added recently. More details in the link as provided by Nik above. I am sharing it again:


This is the Help Center link:


My couple of cents!


Re: Mobile Click to Call - Conv Tracking

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Thanks Pankaj!