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Mixing UTM parameters, Tracking Templates and Custom Parameters

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I want to track the following elements:


  • source
  • medium
  • campaign name
  • ad group
  • keyword 
  • matchtype

Auto-tagging is not an option, as we need to pass the tracking parameters into Marketo and Salesforce.


I had been appending utm parameters to the URL, and was able to track source, medium, campaign through their eponymous parameters. I passed the ad group name through the utm_content parameter.


I tried passing keyword through the utm_term parameter as utm_term={keyword}, but it is passing "{keyword}" into GA.



I'm wondering if I can mix/match between tracking methods to get the information I seek. For example, 


  • Use the three Custom Parameter fields to track: source, medium, campaign
  • Use the Tracking Template to track: keyword, matchtype
  • And then append the "utm_content" parameter to the ad's final URL to pass the ad group name


Anyone tried anything like this? Does it work?




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Re: Mixing UTM parameters, Tracking Templates and Custom Parameters

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Hi @AllieWill


Haven't tried what you suggested. It appears complex. 


The two parameters -  utm_source=google and utm_medium=cpc would be same across your AdWords ads, won't they? If so, you can keep them with the Tracking Template. Next, you will need to use two ValueTrack parameters viz. {keywords} and {matchtype}. The rest can be setup as Custom Parameters. 


The final setup can be something like below -


Tracking Template = {lpurl}?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={_campaignname}&utm_term={keyword}&utm_content={_adgroupname}&matchtype={matchtype}


Custom Parameters -

_campaignname = Add your campaign name as custom parameter at Campaign Level

_adgroupname = Add your AdGroup Name at Ad Group Level


It should serve your purpose. 


{keyword} valuetrack will be replaced with the actual keyword which triggered your ad. If there's no keyword in a particular adgroup because it uses a different targeting method (like on GDN), it shouldn't work.


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Mixing UTM parameters, Tracking Templates and Custom Parameters

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Hi @AllieWill,


Did this work for you on Marketo and Saleforce? I actually have a client with this exact same question (mix-matching UTM and Valuetrack inside Marketo and Salesforce). Did you have to set up anything on Salesforce and Marketo for the data to pass correctly or did Valuetrack do the job?