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Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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Hi there!


In this thread, Theresa Zook's first reply mentions that she looks for patterns on what keywords are triggered calls. I want to do the same thing - but I am unable to find a way to do that. 


Could someone please kindly help me find a way where I can sort keywords by mobile clicks to call? 

Thank you!

Re: Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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Hi Mark H,

This is an interesting endeavour you have chosen. There are a few ways that I can think of doing it.

Firstly you need to realise that you can see specific sitelink data under the ad extensions tab. Secondly you can see the click type of each keyword by enabling that segmentation under the keyword tab.

But as far as I know (unless it has been changed recently) there is no way to link the 2 within adwords. So I can not tell what sitelink was clicked with each keyword.

So you have 2 options at this point.

The first is to use Google analytics to track sitelink performance. There are a number of great articles out there showing you how to set this up, otherwise feel free to ask on the GA forums found here:!forum/analytics

The other option is to ensure that you have call tracking set up, that way you will be able to tell which keywords are converting via the call conversion.

Learn about conversion tracking here (refer to call section):

Hope this helps

Re: Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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Clynton, I heartily appreciate your response but unfortunately it seems that there is no way to accurately figure out how to check keywords that drive mobile clicks to call.

Re: Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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Hey Mark H,

Perhaps I should go a little bit more into it. There is definitely a way to do that as I am currently doing it on one of my accounts.

If you set up your conversion tracking accurately you can most certainly do so.

In the second link there is a setting up call tracking conversion which can either be a click on a call extension/a click on a number on your mobile site or a call to a forwarding number on your website.

So now we know you can track the actual conversion in which ever form you would like.

To see which keyword triggered those conversions you can look at your keywords in adwords (on the KW tab) and then select the segment drop down and segment by conversion name.

This will then break down all the conversions each KW has had by name. Here you will be able to identify which KW's are leading to call conversions

Hope this helps!
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Re: Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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Segment by click type at the KW level.

However, like I said in the other thread, mobile click-to-call clicks are just that - clicks. That doesn't mean that each one of those clicks resulted in an actual intended and received phone call.

I wrote a comprehensive guide to all these terms, definitions, and data sources, if you want to check it out.

What's the goal you are trying to accomplish?


Re: Measuring Call Report by keywords/searches - how?

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You're right about the call tracking. I currently have that setup, but unfortunately did not use it to capture keyword data!

But I was expecting a way within the Adwords interface for it.


That is what I just did and you're right. Best way is to dump it all into a pivot table to get granular information. Thanks so much for your pointer!

Goal to accomplish is basically allocate more budget and target the said keywords properly in tight adgroups. Smiley Happy