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Many AdWords Clicks vs. No GA Visits

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I am having troubles with my AdWords campign.  


During 3 days of active advertising, I had had almost 250 clicks.


But Google Analytics showed only 5 direct visits during 3 days, and now visitors from my ads.


Today, I have tested an advertising myself (searched for a keyword in google, my ad appeared, clicked it, opened target url, for testing reasons I've added ?c=adwords231112 parameter to compare different channels) and GA showed my visit almost in real time (with 5 seconds delay).


I am aware about clicks vs. visits difference, but can't believe in many clicks vs. no visits results!



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Re: Many AdWords Clicks vs. No GA Visits

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Hi Korolev,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


Did you link Adwords with Analytics properly? Most of the time it happens that Adwords is not properly linked with Analytics which lead to these kind of discprepanies. Please cross check the steps in this article.


Did you get any traffic from other traffic sources like organic, referral etc for the similar time period?


Let us know if that helps!


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Re: Many AdWords Clicks vs. No GA Visits

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Dear Pankaj,


It seems that i've found the problem.


My GA account setting contained diffeerent url to track (I've misspelled one letter   platfrom instead of platform).


Though, it still could track my vivists – that's why I didn't realize it was a mistype Smiley Happy)


Thank you for your time.


Best regards,

Ilya Korolev


Re: Many AdWords Clicks vs. No GA Visits

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I am having a similar issue with my companies Google Analytics. Ours is unique as we do not use ADwords. We track the clicks internally and typically GA will reflect the same amount in visits (with maybe a 10% differencial). As of recent this differencial has been huge. In some cases we track 200 clicks and GA has only recorded 100 visits.


I have ensured that the coding is accurate and on every page of the clients web site as well and still no fix. Google doesn't have anyone who can answer this. They said to tell our clients it is a free tool and there is no support (as if that would fly).


I just need to know why this is happening and how I can fix it. If you do not know of a fix, what would you suggest telling our customers?


Thanks for any help,