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Manually push conversion img to AdWords

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We get a lot of phone sales and we want to push conversions (that we get on the phone) to AdWords.


Right now we hacked Woopra so that every user gets a unique ID(which we have made into a phone code) and we can track where the user came from and what they searched for.


Now the million dollar question-- how can we manully put in a conversion into adwords if we know : the keyword and the sale total ammount so that that keyword gets credited for a conversion?

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Re: Manually push conversion img to AdWords

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Hi Spencer,


Very interesting question.  I wonder if something like this is supported in the AdWords API.  My gut says no, but I can't completely confirm or deny such an ability. 


I tend to think that this sort of data manipulation could be detrimental to the integrity of the AdWords reporting system, but I don't know the API very well and I've been wrong before.  This is just my initial thought.


Interestingly enough, there is a similar thread (maybe similar) over on the AdWords API forum, which is where I would suggest you try to seek your answer as this is not something that can be done directly through the AdWords interface. 


Perhaps someone else can chime in and elaborate a bit for you...


Good Luck!





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Re: Manually push conversion img to AdWords

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@PPCBossman, Thanks for the reply.


It looks like someone had a similiar question over in the API forum but with to no avail. I'll keep hunting away.







Re: Manually push conversion img to AdWords

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Hello, Spencer.


The only way I can think of is to have the user on the phone do it, if you can. Here's a possible scenario:


- Have the user who calls you tell you its "visitor id", an ID generated by your system

- Once you know the ID, you wait for the phone conversation to unfold

- If the user converts, you announce him that he should refresh the page she's on so she can get some information from you

- You program the system to redirect that user, upon refresh, to the conversion page, or to include the AdWords conversion code


That would be a clean way of pushing data into the system. Of course, you need some programmers to do it.

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Re: Manually push conversion img to AdWords

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Spencer - The high end call tracking solutions (e.g. Ifbyphone & Mongoose Metrics) will push this data back through Google Analytics.


Here's the approach:


1) Catch the gclid in the variables for each user

2) Create a goal

3) Create a virtual postback URL for whenever someone calls

   - Append the gclid



So, everytime someone converts, you can pass a URL like:[pull from database]


Voila - you'll get your call data in (expect a 2 day delay).


In your case, you will need to have a database that matches up the promotion code with gclid (or woopra user, however you prefer), and then have your employees who answer the phone enter the promotional code, which will trigger the google analytics postback.


Hope this helps.