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Managed Placement Report (Domain) Not Working

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I'm doing a report for Display which requires me to download a managed placement report. However,when I download the managed placement report (Domain), it shows me one placement 5 times with a few impressions for each one. The report filters are all correct so nothing is wrong there. After trying several times I decided to download the managed placement report (URL) which worked fine and showed all of my managed placements with the correct data. Although this worked,this way is much more inconvenient as I have to strip the URL's and tidy everything up. I was just wondering if anyone knows why the URL report works but the Domain report doesn't. 



Re: Managed Placement Report (Domain) Not Working

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Hi Sean L,

There is no error of managed placement report, If you have used Display Planner for ideas to managed placement. Have you ever seen website is suggested multiple times with different placements with different CPM Bidding? A placements is repeated for multiple time for his placements like middle center, Top center, Bottom center, right sidebar and middle right etc.

if you have seen repetition of one placement 5 times with different impression for each that is reason of same website with different placements allocation