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MCC-level and Account-level Conversions

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Hi everyone,


We are in the process to switching to MCC conversions. Conversions are now set up at the MCC level.


The next step is choosing the MCC for conversion action sharing.

However, the description is a bit unclear on the handling of MCC and account conversion scripts:

"[...]Also, do not remove your old conversion actions or their tags until your conversion window has passed.[...]"


  1. We will not delete the old (account) conversions for the time being - at least until the original conversion window has elapsed. 
    Should we uncheck Include in "Conversions" ?
  2. But what to do with the old conversion tags/scrips? Should these be fired together with the MCC scripts? Any risk of conflicts?

Thanks a lot in advance,

- Felix

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MCC-level and Account-level Conversions

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Hi @Felix B,


1. You may go either way without risks. However, I'd uncheck them so they are not considered in the performance tables, in addition to the newly specified conversions. 


2. I'd let them running till the window has elapsed. I cannot see any risks of conflicts because you are allowed to specify multiple website conversion actions anyway.




MCC-level and Account-level Conversions

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Thanks a lot, Lakatos.


Do you think there is a danger of script conflicts when firing e.g. two sale conversions shortly after one another with the GTM?


Best regards, Felix 

MCC-level and Account-level Conversions

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Negative, I don't.