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Low page impressions compared to similar products

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I'm running a shopping campaign with 4 products in one ad group, all products have same bid, some products have 5 times more page impressions and clicks then others, why?

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Re: Low page impressions compared to similar products

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Hi John B,


Thanks for posting! I imagine the products are different, could it be that certain products are searched for more often? Alternatively, have you included more information in the descriptions for certain products? Have you mentioned anything different or included more details about the relevant attributes in the descriptions for the better performing products? 


The Merchant Center platform uses the descriptions you provide for your product in order to know when to show your product listing ad. The Merchant Center Team recommend that you submit around 500 to 1,000 characters in your descriptions, describing the most relevant attributes of the products, such as size, material, intended age range, special features, or other technical specs. 


Maybe the differences in your descriptions, along with product popularity, are causing the impression difference... Thoughts from the Community? Do any Merchant Center experts out there have any ideas?



Re: Low page impressions compared to similar products

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both the bid and quality factors determine the outcome of the auctions;

simply having a better image, title, or description may affect quality.

the higher performing items may simply have less competition.

also, be certain the lower-performing items are not variants --
google will consider the variants duplicates if the items are not
submitted per the variant rules and policies.

having more specific information about the items may help the
community to offer more specific possibilities and suggestions
with respect to the cause and potential solutions.