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Lost cross device conversions from none branded AdWords campaigns

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I am running a set of campaigns for a friend that has a tailor business.


I have a brand campaign as well as a none branded campaign with keywords such as tailor made suit, tailor made suit + city name. There's a lot of highly relevant traffic coming in from the none branded campaign, however a vast majority of the conversions are coming from  the brand campaign. 


Therefore I am unsure if the none branded campaign should continue. I can tell from the audience report that most users have many sessions before they convert (5-10). I also know that they are getting new customers to the business.


I therefore have a theory that some of the conversions come from users that become aware of the business via the none branded campaign but convert later via the brand campaign or direct traffic from another device. In essence I believe many conversions are not attributed to the none branded campaign where users became aware of the business.


But it's just a theory and I can't prove it. Do you think my assumption is realistic? I read that around 60% of all Internet shoppers start shopping on one device and finish the sale on another.


I use an event goal imported from GA and I unfortunately can't use Google AdWords conversion tracking which would give me some cross device data.I track sent forms that unfortunately doesn't lead to a thank you page


Should I just stop the none branded campaign since it's performing poorly on paper and is the none branded campaign useless? Is there something else I could do/ data I am unaware of?

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Lost cross device conversions from none branded AdWords campaigns

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Hi @Kristian J


Your assumption about non-brand keywords bringing exposures and the branded campaigns converting them over a period does make sense. I have seen this behaviour to be true on several accounts. 


However, to be able to make better and informed decisions, you should have enough insights on attribution. How is a campaign or the channel assisting the other to bring conversions? It's a very important question... which must be answered.


The first thing in this regard would be to fix the very conversion setup. While there's no direct harm in having Analytics track them first and then getting them imported to AdWords, doing this causes unnecessary delay and you happen to miss some really important insights.  


Get your 'thank-you' page limitation sorted and setup conversions through AdWords, it will give you access to the insights you are looking for. 


Comparing your conversions on different attribution model will help you make the decision you need to take. I recall I had a similar situation with a client and we argued on the effectiveness of brand keywords. On the very first look, it appeared that brand campaign is working the best, non-brand the second, and display the worst. I switched to Data-Driven Attribution model which, over a period, made it very clear that the majority get exposure to the brand through different ads, and finally convert clicking a brand ad. And display ads which had very poor performance according to AdWords report contributed to 20% of total conversions. It was obvious through Multi-Channel Funnel reports in Analytics.


Ratan Jha
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Lost cross device conversions from none branded AdWords campaigns

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Hi Ratan Jha 


Thank you VERY much for taking the time to give me such a thorough reply! You gave me a lot of valuable input. 


It's very good to hear that my assumption seems plausible and that you have experienced the same.


Google AdWords conversion tracking will be set up at soon as the website supports it and I will use the analysis is tools as recommended.






Lost cross device conversions from none branded AdWords campaigns

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Ultimately it's a matter of budget. If you don't have enough budget to cover 100% impression share for the brand campaign, then pause any other campaigns and dedicate all your budget there. Continue to optimize the brand campaign, and see if you can get enough budget allocated to at least cover the brand.