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Logistical question regarding website call tracking

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Hi All,

Looking for a little background on the technical aspects of Google's website call tracking feature.


My question is how the code works when you apply it to a native page on your website that also happens to be a PPC page. Let's say ghost pages aren't an option, so the landing page to which I'm driving PPC visitors are also accessible to users via organic, email, Facebook, etc. In one of these instances described...


1) Does a dynamic phone number still render to the user? Or does it have a "fall back" model in which a number we specify renders instead of the dynamically generated PPC phone number?


2) If not, do these calls from non-PPC sources somehow get filtered out of AdWords tracking?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Logistical question regarding website call tracking

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Hi Andrew,

The Google call forwarding number will only show to users who have clicked through a Google advert.
Any organic users who haven't clicked through an advert will be shown your regular phone number (which is why Google requests you enter a phone number in to the code).

Hope this helps,

ly!Re: Logistical question regarding website call tracking

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It does indeed - thanks so much for the prompt reply!