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Location vs. Ad Clicks

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Hello there - I'm a relative amateur when it comes to the inner workings of Google Adwords, thus I could really use some assistance.


For the time being, I am only using Display. I was looking through my total numbers for a specified time period and noticed that the total clicks on my ads do not match the total clicks under locations - there is an 88 click difference. I've ensured that I am looking at All Ads data and not only Enabled Ads for ALL campaigns (there are 6 campaigns in total). I've also ensured I am looking at the same time-frame for each chart. What could be an explanation for this inconsistency?


Many thanks for any help that can be provided. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Location vs. Ad Clicks

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Hi Chelsea,

As per Google, Reasons for data variation are as below:

Campaign or billing summary: Performance data may vary slightly from data in your campaign summary or billing summary because our data collection techniques can vary. For invoicing and campaign spend, use the reports in the billing summary tab.

IP addresses: IP addresses are routinely re-assigned, and AdWords updates its IP data regularly to reflect these changes. Third-party tracking providers may update their IP data on a different schedule.

Invalid clicks: AdWords filters out invalid clicks, so the number of clicks per geographic area may differ from that shown by other data sources.

Location of interest: AdWords may pick up on locations that a customer is interested in, which other data sources may not be able to detect.

Other sources of traffic: Third-party tracking providers may count all sources of traffic to your site, instead of just AdWords traffic. For example, let's say AdWords generates 50 visits to your site, but your site has a total of 100 visits from all sources. AdWords will only report on the 50 clicks from AdWords traffic.

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