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Location Exclusion and Inclusion Issues

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Hi all,


I'm looking for responses from those of you who have experience with these issues....


I am currently working on a campaign in London, for which the service area is quite specific. 


When I took the account over, radius targeting was being used but in order to try and include areas of london not included in Greater London they were using overlapping radius targeting. I have been told by Google that this is a bad idea because the system gets confused and indeed the numbers reflected this in the account.


I have reverted back to targeting london, and greater london in order to get a better reach and of course that is working. However now i need to exclude certain areas and I want to understand where things will clash. 


What will the effects be if:

- I keep London and Greater London as targeted, but exclude certain postcodes within those areas? Has this approach worked for you before?

- I remove London and Greater London and just target a MASS of postcodes (I have researched this and apparently your impressions fall into the abyss so probably won't try this)

- Include radius targeting overlapping with other AREAS (not other radius targeting)


Thanks in advance 



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Re: Location Exclusion and Inclusion Issues

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Our specialist on  Geo targeting London  is @Jon_Gritton

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Re: Location Exclusion and Inclusion Issues

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Hi @Abbie R, I'm not sure I can live up to @MosheTLV's assessment of being a specialist on London targeting, but I'll try...


What sort of areas are you looking to exclude?  Are we talking entire boroughs or just "spots" here and there?

What's the reason behind the exclusion?  I presume it's either an inability to deliver a service or perceived poor performance from those areas but the reason could have an impact on the choice of targeting.


In any case, I'd be inclined to try excluding by postcode.  As you're well aware, location targeting gets increasingly tricky the smaller the areas you're trying to work with because in many cases, Google has to rely upon IP targeting which is inherently unreliable for precise targeting.  When you target by postcode, unless Google has evidence the user is in that postcode, the Ad won't show; this is described in this (rather old) post on zip code targeting:


which is why they recommend using code targeting in combination with a broader target area.  So, thinking along the same lines, but in reverse (if you see what I mean), it's probably a good approach to keep your broad London/Greater London target, then have additional postcode targets that you can use for negative bid adjustments or, if you feel 100% confident (and this comes back to the reasons for exclusion), as total exclusions.



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Re: Location Exclusion and Inclusion Issues

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Unnamed image (12).png


Think it's better if I just show you.


I have never used all 3 forms of targeting in the same campaign but this targeting needs to be specific. Is this going to work okay? I'm just concerned it will cause confusion in the system. I know that targeting postcodes can really effect impressions which is why I have had to use all 3 types. I have been told however not to overlap radius targeting areas.


So what I am concerned about is how the overlapping radius, area and postcodes will behave together. 



Re: Location Exclusion and Inclusion Issues

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What did you find out so far regarding location targeting this way? I am interested to find out, as at times I use a mix like this of radius targeting and zip code targeting. Are ads showing the zip codes you're excluding? Anything more you can share?

Thanks in advance,