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Less than 30% of clicks visible in Analytics

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I've read more threads on this subject, but none of them solve my problems.


Less than 30% of Adwords clicks are visible in Analytics. I can image that a slight deviation is possible, but more than 30%???


I've got autotagging on. I do see clicks from every advertising group and campaign, but not enough. All landing pages exist and are tagged with GA-code. 


Surprisingly enough, only "Bid Adjustments" show exactly the "correct" Adwords clicks. But I suggest this data that comes directly from Adwords?


Clicks from the same user sounds a bit too convenient for me.


It feels like paying too much for non-existing clicks.


Anyone got some suggestions?



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Re: Less than 30% of clicks visible in Analytics

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Hi Jeroen
Welcome to the community.

What sort of volume are we looking at here? 30% of 10 clicks wouldn't be unusual but 30% of 1 million clicks would.

Another thing you should be aware of is that GA and AdWords track clicks and visits VERY differently, more so than you might imaging. I'll take it that you read up on this but were you aware of how GA samples your data?

Next up, can you actually check and confirm that your autotagging is working correctly?

You're going to need to provide more than "it's not working" for us to help in any meaningful way.

I know this is frustrating, it's just the nature of the beast. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this though for you.

Let me know.

Re: Less than 30% of clicks visible in Analytics

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Hi Dave,


Well, I'm talking about a small volume: 28 clicks. The campaign just started and I want to follow it closely so I can see which landing pages work best and which ads, keywords and so on. The site has little traffic at this moment.


I understand it may be soon to conclude anything with these small volumes, but it is frustrating indeed if you can't follow up closely at this point. I feel I miss so much information.

Autotagging works fine.


I know about the samples of GA, but is this also an issue with these small volumes of data?