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Landing page - high bounce rate BUT also high conversion rate

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Hi all,

This one baffles me so I am seeking advice from fellow Adwords users. 


I have 2 landing pages for the same keyword (for testing) - one lands to my home page and the other lands on a specific product page.


I am seeing that my home page bounce rate is only ~20% and the product page bounce rate is ~55%.  BUT....

the overall home page sales conversion rate is LOWER than the product page's rate.


Would you choose the product page as the winner since it has a higher sales conversion rate?  I sell products on my site and that is my main goal.  Should I just ignore the higher bounce rate from the product page?


Thanks in advance.  Just hoping to hear what your thoughts are....

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Re: Landing page - high bounce rate BUT also high conversion rate

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Hmm...I have a couple of thoughts about what you have wrote here.


First, if sales are your goal, always go for sales...simple.


Secondly, I would say that a product page is quite specific and includes product information, specs, pricing, add to cart/check out etc...and a homepage has so many more options to choose from.  If a user is searching for your product and lands on your homepage, they're not seeing your product right away, so they are in essence forced to take another action from your homepage or bail (bounce).  The opposite is true for your product specific page, they see what they're looking for, they review the information and either take action to purchase etc...or they bounce.  Of course your product page will have a higher conversion rate as the conversion is directly in front of the user when they click the ad. 


As often as you can, you want to direct users to the most relevant page possible on your site that is related to their search query.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Landing page - high bounce rate BUT also high conversion rate

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Hi dadrcheng,


If I put it simply what the bounce is, it's a single page visit to your website, where Analytics is unable to track the time spent on your web page and hence considers it as a bounce.


Probably this is the reason why your internal product page has high bounce rate because user comes in and bounce back if not interested. For your home page having low bounce rate is because of the fact that the user has multiple choices to navigate and move to other page as said above. Hence Analytics is able to track the avg. time on site and bounce rate is low.


All in all, I would certainly say that if your ultimate aim is Sales, then you should follow that, but otherwise, it is always advisable to take the user to the appropriate landing page of your website.


Just a thought!


Re: Landing page - high bounce rate BUT also high conversion rate

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Thanks for the advice guys.  It sounds like I shouldn't be distracted by the higher bounce rate and stay the course on choosing the page that ultimately converts the best.


I guess I was trying to get both.  I'll probably start to experiment with more landing pages and see anything changes.


Thanks again.

Re: Landing page - high bounce rate BUT also high conversion rate

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Hi dadrcheng,


For the purpose of evaluating this test, certainly the one with the higher conversion rate and the better ROI is the one you should cosider as the winner for this go around.


But that is not to say you should ignore the bounce rate. The bounce rate can indicate a few things.


First, it could indicate you are bringing in visitors with your ad that are off target. Look at the bounce rate for each keyword. If you find ones with a high bounce rate, try to determine whether that keyword is a good target. If it is a good target, something on your landing page is not doing it's job at converting the potential customer. If the keyword is broad match, examine the actual search terms used. You may be surprised at what you find.


Second, it could indicate a problem with your value proposition on the landing page. Or the landing page does not address the questions the visitor has about your product or service.


AdWords is pseudo-scientific in that past results can be reproduced somewhat reliably. The process is basically, hypothesize, experiment, evaluate, conclusion. Then repeat frequently. Sounds like you have found one area of success, but that does not mean your work is done. Try to figure out what the 55% bounces aren't getting from your landing page then set on a course to correc that, either by enhancing your landing page or by excluding keywords that do not perform well for you.


Best of Luck!


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