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Landing page change in Ads

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My company has launched it's new website design and the links now have slightly changed - the traffic is coming to AdWords, but Analytics do not show it due to the changed links.

What is the best option to change the links without loosing the previous data from ads?

If I change it directly in the ads, then all the info will be lost. If I duplicate the ad and change the link in the duplicate and keep both of the ads - again, there is not really a point of doing that?


Looking forward to any suggestions! Thank you!

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Landing page change in Ads

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you can redirect old url to new on server.

ensure both url are on same domain.

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Landing page change in Ads

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Hi Diana R,

New design, same domain? If so, you can redirect the old pages to the new pages. I would caution you in doing this, if the new pages are substantially different from the old pages, you will have to remember the date when the new pages began serving to be able to compare to previous performance.

If the new pages are the same as the old pages, just a new design for placement of text and/or images, a redirect could be the right thing to do.

If there are significant differences, I'd really recommend editing the old ads and updating the landing page URLs. Yes, you will have to change the settings in the UI to see the performance of the old ads. You'll need to look at "All" ads, instead of "All active" or "All but removed", and you will have to change your date range to see the performance of the old ad, but the data is not lost or deleted. You can still see the data. If the new landing pages are significantly different from the old pages, this is a new ad.

Best of Luck!




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