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Keywords with different match Types

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I have a query. If i made 2 Adgroups for 2 match type for Same keyword ( Buy mugs is the keyword).


1] Adgroup Phrase - "Buy Mugs" --- Quality score 10 --- Same set of adcopies in both the adgroups

2] Adgroup Exact - [Buy Mugs] --- Quality score 10 --- Same set of adcopies in both the adgroups


If a person searches for the keyword just Buy mugs in which Adgroup it will trigger ? as far as i know it will be triggered in Adgroup Exact as the sequence of the words are exactly the same. But still not sure sure.


My question here is that if my quality score goes down to 6 for Adgroup Exact, will the same keyword (in exactly same sequence) start triggering Phrase Adgroup just because the quality score in this Adgroup is 10.


Reason i am asking this is that there isn't much difference in keywords because when a person searches buy mugs it might or might not have some words attached to the main one i.e Buy mugs.


My point here is that whatever people may search ultimately keyword "Buy mugs" are in exact sequence in both the Adgroups. I hope you get what i am trying to say.


Please help me with your valuable views.




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Re: Keywords with different match Types

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Your case is straight forward , it poses no problems. There is 1 campaign, 2 ad groups with same keywords just different match types.


Read from here :




Section "Multiple keywords within multiple ad groups are similar to the search term"


1) If you bid the same on both match types, rule 2 is applied

"If you have multiple ad groups with keywords that are the same, the system will prefer to use the keyword with the more restrictive keyword match type."


2) If you bid higher on one of the match types, rule 3 is applied


"When several ad groups contain keywords that match a search term, the system will prefer to use the keyword with the highest combined Quality Score and cost-per-click (CPC) bid. We call this combination Ad Rank."


Please note that a keyword has the same QS all over your account no matter what match type you set it as explained here :

Re: Keywords with different match Types

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In general, an easy way to remember is  the ad with the higher ad-rank will trigger the ad. (The most restrictive match type  assumes that you bid higher on the exact match  hence the "higher ad-rank "- applies)


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Re: Keywords with different match Types

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Good morning.


In this case, the system will tend to trigger the ad in the Ad Group with the exact match keyword since the most restrictive keyword match type tends to get the traffic.


Of course, as Moshe says, the all-important Ad Rank quality measure is very important. Assuming that bids aren't a problem, then if the ad text you are using with the phrase match version of the keyword is performing significantly better than the ad text in the exact match Ad Group, then the phrase match keywords might be the one triggered. (That is, the exact match 'override' only comes into play when all else is equal.)


Make sense?

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Re: Keywords with different match Types

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Hi Frank,

You can get better control over which ad group is triggered by adding the exact match as a negative in the phrase match ad group.

I'm curious, you say you have the same ad copies in both ad groups. I'm wondering, in this case, whether it really makes a difference which keyword triggers the ad.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Keywords with different match Types

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Thanks for your views!

Theresa, I agree to your post. I feel the same to what you have explained.

Pete, thanks for the inputs too. I just framed a illusionary scenario to clear my doubt.

Adrian, thanks for links.