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Keywords with different and similar match Types

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Is This Correct way to add   modifier  broad and  exact match,phrase match for one keyword.  or  including  modifier  broad  is  possible  option for  one keywords becasue  modifie  broad  includes these  2  options.

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Re: Keywords with different and similar match Types

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Good morning.


You are correct in that either a Broad match or Modified Broad match version of your keyword will be eligible for searches on the Phrase or Exact match of your keyword.



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Re: Keywords with different and similar match Types

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i mean

+dog +training   ,   "dog training"  ,   [dog traning]

or  i need to include

+dog +training  only  because
+dog +training =    "dog training"  and  [dog training]

There in first line

it would become 2 phrase matach 2 exact match for same keyword .so i might get high CPC for my own keyword

Re: Keywords with different and similar match Types

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Hi Harish
I would suggest that you make different ad groups for different keywords matches in order to have better control over the keywords. Just to make it more clear, if you have a BMM match keyword triggering all the matches then any change to that keyword would affect to all the search terms which are triggering from that keyword, like if you lower the bid for BMM keyword then the bid for the search terms which can be triggered from other matches will also be lowered.

So i suggest make different ad groups and add proper negatives in order to avoid mistriggering like:-

Ad Group1:-
Add exact match [dog training]
No Negative here

Ad Group2:-
Add phrase match "dog training"
Add negative exact match [dog training]

Ad Group2:-
Add BMM or Broad macth dog training or +dog +training
Add negative phrase match "dog training"

My views!