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Keywords tracking between dates in adwords

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Why not Google only shows those keywords which are added/paused between a particular date?


For Example : Date Rage is from 01 Aug 2013 to 20 Aug 2013. When I select this date range in google adwords account, I want, google adwords show only those keywords which are added/paused in this date range. The keywords added/paused before or after this date range must not be showed.



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Re: Keywords tracking between dates in adwords

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Hi, and welcome to the Community.  


It's a nice idea, and one I've had myself in the past but I suspect there are limitations to the AdWords system that prevent this being possible, for now at least.  There are methods you can use to get some information on this; for example, if you view a previous date range and a popular Keyword has no data for that time, it's an indication that it probably wasn't running.  You can also use the Change History to show you changes only to Keywords over a certain period.


Where I'm adding or pausing a Keyword I'll often also use Labels to "tag" that Keyword for later review, for example, something like "Added 21/08/13" or "Paused 21/8".  


I'd also encourage the use of a "journal" to record all important changes in an Account.  I use Google Docs for each of my clients to record the changes I make and that can be very helpful.



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