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Keywords for conversions

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 Is anyone else having issues with the keyword report ?

When I have a conversion on a particular day I will note the total value of conversion.I then look at the keyword tab and on the details select all . By looking for the "total value" column I can then see what the search term was that created the order. This has worked correctly since April but has now not worked since 12th July. The report shows the keywords but the columns which report number of conversions value cost etc are all showing zero. If I click back to the campaigns tab they show correctly there.If I change the date and look back over past conversions before this date, the report still works . Anyone experiencing similar? Any thoughts?

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Re: Keywords for conversions

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Hi and welcome to the Community.

I'm not aware of any global or widespread problem with this report and, given the many thousands of users that visit this forum on a daily basis, if it were widespread we'd surely know about it.  It's therefore much more likely that there is some setting or value within your own interface that is causing the problem.


What date range are you looking at when you view the AdWords interface?  Where are you seeing the original conversion recorded?


This will be quite difficult to solve by text so if you can take a screenshot (or several), having blanked out any personal or identifiable information, that would probably make things a lot easier.


As an aside, you may find Analytics a lot easier for reporting on conversions in this fashion.  With Analytics ecommerce tracking it's merely a click or two to see the Campaign and/or Keyword that's related to any sale.



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Re: Keywords for conversions

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Hi Cobnut,

 Thanks for your input.

The report is now working correctly. It normally can take a couple of days for the keyword info to be present in the report and it now is reporting correctly apart from 2 dates which still do not report correctly, but I'll treat that as a small anomaly. 

 I do use Analytics to view keywords and e-commerce as you suggest, but it is conversions specific to Adwords shopping data feed that I wish to view and they do not show in analytics for some reason. 


Anyway, thanks again.