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Keyword Planner Avg Monthly Searches vs Impressions

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I am doing a keyword planner for 50 keywords.


The ‘avg monthly searches’ estimate is 4,000. However, when I view the 'review estimates' in greater detail those same 50 keywords have estimated ‘daily’ impressions of 4,000 (120,000/month).


How is that possible?


Shouldnt the avg monthly searches for those keywords match the impressions?



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September 2015

Re: Keyword Planner Avg Monthly Searches vs Impressions

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Jeff M,

The keyword planner is just Estimates of Estimates in order to give you an Estimate. We use the planner to understand if keywords have value, are a KPI, have user intent , brainstorm ideas etc. We always take the "data" with a grain of salt.

When you build your campaigns, based on targeting methods, and locations the real numbers will become clear based on the parameters you set.

You may also want to look at Google Trends as well to get an idea of how the market is reacting to those keywords.

But at the end of the day, use the keyword planner for "Idea's", your actual results are holistically dependent upon your Budget, Bid, Campaign Set ups, Location Targeting, Ad schedule, etc.