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Is there anyway to tell adwords to try to emulate a previous month?

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I think the answer to this one might be NO, but I would like to know if there is any way I can tell adwords to try to 'emulate' the past month 'behaviour'. What I mean for this is that if I AdWords spent $A in keyword $X and $B in keyword $XX to try to do the same this month? Emulating the way the clicks have been distributed geographically and by keywords.


Is such a think possible in any way?


Thanks for any tip!

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Re: Is there anyway to tell adwords to try to emulate a previous month

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You can sent your BUDGET to only Spend X per Ad Group, but not by Keyword,  If you set up a Adgroup with only 1 keyword and the next ad group with 1 keyword, then you could use daily budget limites to make sure your spend is only close to X each month..

For Performance I would say NO because you can't control the end USER or the Competition for the ad space.

But if you setting are the same for budgets, keyword are performing fine and no competition comes in to market, you can hope to have similar results, But that is rarely the case, because of so many variables with USERS (Customers), and potential competition,

Hence you should manage your account, and always work to make improvements by testing Ad Copy, finding the right conversion options, adding negative keywords, removing under performing Ads and Keywords, and creating more opportunities.

Good Luck

Re: Is there anyway to tell adwords to try to emulate a previous month

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Hi Yakito,

To add to Eric's answer, no, there is no way to tell AdWords exactly that, but have you heard of the Conversion Optimizer and Flexible Bid Strategies?  


Using automated bidding algorithms, like those both provide, the algorithms will adjust your bids based on historical performance.  From your question I'm assuming that Conversion Optimizer might be the ideal solution for you, but I encourage you to check both out and see if it'd help you accomplish your goal.