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Is there a way to link the search term to the ad clicked?

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Hey there comrades!


I would like to know if there is a way in which I could record, maybe not within AdWords, the search term that the user typed with respect to which ad got triggered? Well, let me illustrate: I have a client who's into real estate business. Suppose a user types the search term, 'villas in goa for sale', which triggered my ad. I have multiple copies of text ads in one ad group. So, I'd like to know:-


  1. Which search term triggered which ad?
  2. Which keyword was triggered & and how are they all connected? : Search Term --> Keyword --> Text Ad
  3. Could I use the tracking template for this purpose to my benefit?

Maybe I sound confusing. Let me try again:


We have a couple of Search Campaigns running for our client. Everyday, we hope get at least 1 conversion in the form of a lead from the campaigns. For example, today there is one lead. So, I click on the campaign to see which ad group got  the conversion. Then, I go into the ad group that got the conversion. Now, I can see the keyword that got the conversion. Next, I'd like to know which ad it was. So, I go to the ads tab & find that out. Okay. I'm able to link the keyword to the ad. Next, I'd like to find out the Search Term. But, there is a time delay before I would be able to see this data. Okay, it may finally show even. Now, everything seems sane when it is just 1 conversion, 1 keyword and 1 search term. Now, suppose for some reason I wasn't there to monitor the AdWords account, then, all of this clarity gets blurred and I have no way of knowing which search term is connected to which keyword & text ad.


So, what I'd like to know is: Is there a way to make things clearer? Like some suggestions of tracking software or SaaS solutions or free tracking tricks maybe through Google Analytics or something...?

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Re: Is there a way to link the search term to the ad clicked?

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You can do this with a search query report which includes the keyword column.  Just segment the report by "Ad ID" when you download it. (or even "Ad" but I'm not sure if this is just the headline, meaning if you use the same headline twice there will still be uncertainty).

No idea of your ability with Excel/Google Docs but then you can lookup ad copy from that Ad ID and pivot conversions accordingly.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Is there a way to link the search term to the ad clicked?

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Hey Anish, how are things?


That's a very interesting question Smiley Happy


There're a few ways you can achieve that. 


The first one, is by going on your Search Terms report as @Chris S mentioned, and Add the column for YOUR KEYWORDS that is hidden by default. Just press "Columns" > "Modify Columns" and select "Keywords" under "Attributes".


You can then download your report, and at the Download options, add a "Segment" for "Ad ID", which you give you: Searched Term > Your Keyword > Your Ad ID.


You can now go on Adwords under "Ad" tab, hit the button "Columns" and then "Modify Columns", and selecting "Ad ID" under "Attributes". This will show the Ad ID for each of your ads. Success! 


Another way of doing it by having your Adwords account linked with your Analytics. If they aren't link, here's how you do that:


Having your accounts linked will provide Analytics with lot's of information from Adwords, including the Search Terms from users and many others from your campaigns. From there, you can create a custom report to show:


  1. User Query from Searched Terms
  2. Your keywords (from your account)
  3. The AD ID, which you can later on refer to Adwords to see which ad is st (on GA I think there's only the title of the ad)

Your custom report will look like this (sorry for the link, I'm getting an error trying to upload it here):

Don't forget to select "Flat Table" on "Type"


Then, go on Adwords tab the show the Ad ID again and cross information.


One very useful information to use on your URLs are ValueTracks. Take a look:


Google ValueTrack


ValueTrack are parameters that you include on your URL, that Adwords will fill automatically with some information your desire.


So, let's say you want to know what was the keyword ON YOUR ACCOUNT that was triggered by the user. You would have a URL like this on your ad:{keyword}

Then, when a user hit that, Google will replace the parameter {keyword} by the keyword triggered in your account.


Why that's important? Because there's a ValueTrack to get the ID of your AD:{keyword}&adID={creative}

In this case, Google will replace {keyword} and {creative}, and you just got two pieces of useful information.


You can combine this with analytics and search terms report to capture this infos to client's CRM plataform.


Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Is there a way to link the search term to the ad clicked?

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Thanks @Chris S & @leandrofm. This is great info.