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Is my understanding of View through Conversion correct?

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Hi everyone.


My understanding of view through conversion (according to the adwords rep I spoke to) is that.. if someone sees my ad on the display network... and happens to come to my site and triggers a conversion event w/o clicking on the banner ad, that's considered a "view through conversion".


Two questions


1) is this a correct understand of what view through conversion is?


2) how does google know that a conversion event occurred? Do i need to set up google analytics goals for this to occur? (i.e. have google analytics code AND conversion tracking code on the thank you page?)


Re: Is my understanding of View through Conversion correct?

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Hey Taewoo,
1. Your understood correctly.
2. You don't have to have Analytics, if you have a "conversion tracking code" in your "thank you page" its enough.
I've copied more information about "View-Through Conversion" from the Adwords Help Center, that might help you more:
View-through conversion data

View-through Conversion happens when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site. This is different from a Click-through Conversion, which happens when a customer had previously clicked on an ad (such as on the Google Search or the Google Display Network) and then completed a conversion on your site.

The data you see in your reports can be affected by how you're tracking view-through conversions. Here's how, depending on whether or not the feature is enabled or disabled in your account:

  • Disabled: If a customer views your display ad, doesn't click it, and then later clicks on a search campaign ad, we'll count one view-through conversion and one click conversion.
  • Enable: If a customer views your display ad, doesn't click it, and then later clicks on a search ad, we'll count only the last conversion type (the click conversion, for example).
Benefits of view-through conversions

View-through conversions is a helpful way to track the value of your display ad campaigns on the Google Display Network. That's because it measures the conversions where a customer saw -- but didn't click -- a display ad on the Google Display Network before completing a conversion. In turn, this can help determine the best places to advertise.