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Is connecting one adwords account to a different website allowed?

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I have a very dark website background and all and am getting lots of clicks and very low conversion.. maybe 1  conversion for 25 clicks.

My question is that I have a friend with an identical site using the identical adgroup to the letter and he is getting very good conversion at a very low price...

Is it legal for me to make a temporary connection with my account to his site to see if conversion occurs there.

Basically what i want to do is use my existing account and point the destination URL and the display URL to his site.. both sites have identical adgroups.. same keywords.. same ads...


Now he has adwords conversion on his site already.. so my account landing on his page is going to activate his adwords conversion and I am assuming feed the conversion back to his adwords account and not mine.. and the visitors will experience his more color ful site which is otherwise identical... and my converse.. if they like the site better... and it will prove that the conversion problem is the look of my site and not my campaign...


Is this going to confuse adwords since the account number is not associated with his site...


Hope this makes sense.. does it violate the TOS or anything...


Thanks in advance..


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Re: Is connecting one adwords account to a different website allowed?

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your query.

First of all I would say it is a bad idea to have ads created in your AdWords account for someone else website or business. The reason is that first it won't make sense and second why would you spend your hard earned money to promote someone else business.

Coming to policy part, I think it would be a violation of policy because as per guidelines you cannot have multiple AdWords account for one website. You can read the policy by clicking on the following link. Please red the part "Gaining an unfair advantage".

Now the conversions thing, I would advise you to optimise your AdWords account so that you can improve the ads performance which in turn will improve the conversion rate.

Regarding the user experience on website, I would recommend you to use Google Analytics which will help you to know how users interact on your website.

I hope this helps.


Re: Is connecting one adwords account to a different website allowed?

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Using the Google Network to gain an unfair traffic advantage over other participants in the auction
Examples: Affiliates that advertise on AdWords against the applicable affiliate program rules, promoting the same or similar content from multiple accounts on the same or similar queries

Maybe I need to go back and read again but this is the only rule that even came close.. and I am not running from more than one place to game the system.. the other account is totally shut down during the test and the test will only run for 24 hours.

Also I am not using my hard work to help others... its one of my employees... that is helping me.. the boss... and yes he has good reason to help me.. I am the boss... HaHa.

we have identical websites in every facet.. two real estate websites with everything identical with exception of the background colors.. and its a custom site so we cannot change the scheme.. it must be done by the designer.. so rather than having it changed and then changed back if it did not help (unnecessary expense)... we elected to use my account to drive traffic to his site.. while shutting down his account to prevent double serving... so only 1 account will drive his site.

Each site is running a copy of the others campaign... for a simple test campaign.. so what we want to do is see if the folks are arriving at about the same rate but failing to signup due to the less than bright surroundings.... and this will very easily test that...

In regard to why not see what the folks are doing using google analytics.. I have already done that .. visitors are looking at very few to no pages and leaving... something they don't seem to like about the site... while they stay longer and signup on his site...

And I have additional monitoring of the site that even allows me to track their arrival via their IP evey button they hit... so yes.. I have done a thorough analysis... and can see nothing but the possibility that they hate the color scheme....

The significance of this is that it will be a major break thru as there are literally thousands of these platforms and probably 25% have chosen this color scheme.. so if this test works it can be worth millions in lost revenue for websites selling lots of 32 million dollar properties and having no idea why their signup rate is lower than another site..

Thanks for your comments... they are helpful.. but would appreciate other thoughts if there are any.

Re: Is connecting one adwords account to a different website allowed?

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Hi Thomas C,

Here's something for you to consider. If you send your account clicks to the other web site, where the thank you page holds the other account's conversion code, you won't record a conversion for either account.

So, if you go ahead with this test, which seems valid to me, you will need to place conversion code from your account on your friend's web site. The conversion code is not tied to any particular web site or URL. Instead it is tied to the AdWords account that created the code. It works with a 3rd party cookie, so you can place it on any web site.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Is connecting one adwords account to a different website allowed?

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Thanks for that petebardo, but have you actually done this.. are you sure the clicks will not activate the adwords feedback on his site and click his conversion counter....
But even if it does not / cannot click his code.. all conversions will be logged into the back end and identified as an adwords real estate source.. so if I cannot count on either of the adwords conversion clicks.. then I simply count the number of actual physical conversions in the back end... and bingo i have my answer... but I was assuming the counter on his account would be showing the count.. so thanks for telling me neither will count... so I can just count the actual signups.. and still on track... that test went down today.. but I have not yet had the results.. but will know tonight for sure.. what happened..

All I can say is if it works and then other site is sporting a dozen new leads there will be over 1,000 happy campers.. most of who have no idea the low leads is caused by the color black.. I cannot imagine any selecting that template.. its so drab and not lively... but changing the colors may make all 1,000 happy campers... maybe I should charge each a buck for this information... just kidding...