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Is a conversion generated when I access a page directly?

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Maybe this is a silly question, but I did not find that answer clearly. I'd like to know if a conversion is only generated when a user comes across an ad, or whenever the action is done.

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Is a conversion generated when I access a page directly?

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Hi @lucio s,


A conversion will only be tracked in AdWords when an user completes the conversion action/goal via an ad.


Though, I would like to share another useful help file to go through. 

About offline conversion tracking


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Is a conversion generated when I access a page directly?

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Hi @Lucio S,


Conversions are pre-defined before you launch an adwords campaign...or should be. These goals should be planned out before you develop the ad content and keywords that are associated with that campaign/ad group.


"A user viewing or clicking on an ad" isn't a's simply a click. A conversion would be any action that you assign a value to when an event is triggered on the destination url (website) after the ad is viewed or clicked: watch more videos, a user reaches a "thank you" page after purchasing a product, form submission, etc. The goal conversion tracking can be setup in Adwords using "conversion tracking" or through Google Analytics and imported into your Adwords campaigns if they are linked up. Analytics/Adwords linking


For example, if you (or your client) finds value in tracking how many times a user clicked on an ad and visited the "contact us" page on the site then you could setup conversion tracking in your Adwords campaigns or Analytics. If the user viewed (see view through conversions) or clicked on the ad and navigated from the landing page to the "contact us" page on your site, then you can trigger that action as a conversion and assign any value to that action.


Basic implementation would be to create your conversion goal in Adwords: (navigation bar) Adwords < Tools < Conversions < + Conversions


Fill out the required fields and then add the conversion tracking snippet to the "contact us" page on the site (in this hypothetical scenario) so the code triggers the conversion whenever a user completes the action (reaches the "contact us" page) after the ad was viewed/clicked.


I would definitely recommend researching Google Tag Manager's tool to use for advanced event tracking. This will give you more granular options to track most actions on the website....buttons, navigation items, form submissions, links, pdf downloads, etc.


Hope this info helps! Smiley Happy