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Invalid Click Rate Expectations

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I was wondering what an acceptable range is for daily invalid click rates.


I read somewhere on Google help that they like to keep it under 10%. The article was from 2007 and I wanted to know if that still held true.


I recall having very few invalid clicks at one point, and then a period where we were consistantly averaging over 12%. We suspected our competitors discovered us and were being dishonest, but when it subsided to under 10%, we relaxed a little.


Now it's consistantly around 6%. Within what range is it a good idea to have the invalid click rate investigated?

Re: Invalid Click Rate Expectations

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That's a good question. Thanks for asking this, it made me think about something I had been ignoring. Smiley Happy


I noticed a few general trends, if this helps provide some perspective...


Display invalid click rate seems to be higher than search, and image ads invalid click rates seem higher than text ads for display campaigns.

The rate seems higher for competitor search campaigns than brand term campaigns. 

The location data is interesting... For "mirror" campaigns targeting different countries, the invalid click rate seems pretty consistent per campaign.


I would say that an "acceptable" rate, is a matter of context, depending on account structure. If you only have one campaign, targeting all networks, etc. then "acceptable" may be harder to determine. The more "highly optimized" the account, the more control you will have to mitigate invalid clicks, or at least, determine what rate is acceptable or not for that campaign.