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Invalid AdWords gclid

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I have started noticing this error message when logging in to AdWords.


The Ad Destination URL from the AdWords account  (111-111-111):1111111111 has accrued a significant number of clicks but a lower-than-expected number of corresponding sessions because the page is dropping or altering the gclid parameter inserted by Google. Check the web server's redirect logic or its use of a URL rewrite engine to ensure the gclid parameter is preserved.


Is there any step by step advice on how to solve this issue? I did not set up the AdWords account, so I'm not sure exactly where I'm looking.

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September 2015

Re: Invalid AdWords gclid

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Hi Nigel.
There's two things you can do.

1) Turn off autotagging in AdWords. I would not recommend this.
2) Speak to your web designer/developer. When the AdWords gclid is added to your URL, your web server is stripping it off. This can only be fixed on the web server site. I'd recommend that you fix this on your server end. If you choose the first option, you'll get NO stats at all.

Re: Invalid AdWords gclid

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Google adds this tag to your destination URLs in order to track and report your AdWords keywords and costs within Analytics.
Per Google:

When Analytics is activated within AdWords, "Destination URL auto-tagging" is turned on automatically. This feature allows Analytics to track information about clicks on your AdWords ads by tagging your AdWords keyword destination URLs with a "gclid=" parameter. This parameter is displayed in your landing page URL. For example,

A small number of websites do not allow URL parameters and serve an error 404 page. If your site does not allow parameters, you can prevent this error from occurring you can either turn "Auto-tagging" off in your account (see steps below) or ask your webmaster to allow URL parameters. Also, if you prefer not to have the "gclid=" parameter appear in your URLs, you can turn auto-tagging off.

1. Sign in to your AdWords account
2. Navigate to My Account--> Account Preferences
3. On the Account Preferences page find the Tracking section Click "Edit"
4. Turn Destination URL auto-tagging off by unchecking the checkbox
5. Save changes to finish

Search "gclid" in AdWords help and you'll find more info

Re: Invalid AdWords gclid

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We had to run an exclusion for the GCLID parameter in our host's caching engine for this to work.