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Interpreting weebly stats and google ads vs. regular search vs. google bot

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Hello - I manage a weebly website for a very small nonprofit.

We hired a google ad consulant to promote an event. I am not sure how many of these ad campaigns he has launched before. Shortly after our ads were launched, the ad consultant claimed all of the referral urls (found in weebly stats) related to google were actually google ad hits.  I didn't think that was possible, as this would mean we had 0 standard google searches. He is using google analytics on our website but I don't have access to that account, which is considered a "marketing" account and I am IT.

Nevertheless, I've been asked by management to verify claims made by marketing and this ad consultant.
Here are the weebly stats in question for the referral urls: (819)  -   I assume standard google searches (53)  -    I assume google ad clicks (32)  -    I assume smart phone google search (15)  -   I assume more standard google searches (3) -   I assume some Russian bot (2)  -   I assume smart phone in Gambia

Can you tell me what these google urls mean when found as referral urls in weebly stats? Also, is there a google bot signature I might find in weebly stats? Or would a google bot crawl thru my webpages under url of

Thank you so much for any insight into these urls.
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Interpreting weebly stats and google ads vs. regular search vs. google bot

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Hi JamaC,


The solution is to install Google Analytics - it is free and easy:


Then you will be able to see precisely which traffic came from AdWords and how they interacted with your site.


Also, if you look in AdWords yourself you can see how many clicks you have paid for - each of those are people who visited your site. If you don't have access to your AdWords account, ask for it. Transparency in this industry is important.