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Impression Share @ keyword level

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I would like to see impression share at a keyword level to see how often i am appearing on my important keywords. Is this possible? I see impression share only at the ad group level at the moment.


Also, impression share in the help talks about "the number of impression i am eligible to receive" does eligible simply mean i made a bid and and that there was a search of the keyword on which i am bidding by a user which corresponds to my targeting settings?




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Re: Impression Share @ keyword level

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Hi cormac,


You are correct. The stats for Impression Share are currently available at the ad group level and not beyond that (i.e keyword level.) But there are some huge changes coming around this competitive metric reporting. Read the latest about it in official blog announcement.


About the second part, if you happen to explore the help center article, it clearly says that:


Eligibility is based on your current ads' targeting settings, approval statuses, bids, and Quality Scores.


So, you are right upto certain extent but there are additional factors also which count towards this metric.


Hope that helps!


Re: Impression Share @ keyword level

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Hi Cormac,


There is a way of seeing the impression share at a keyword level but it's extremely manual and you can only see one keyword at a time.


Go to the keyword tab, select the kw that you want to see the IS, click "Keyword Details" and "Auction Insights"

There you will see a column with the kw's IS.


Hope it helps,