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Importing Objectives from analytics to Adwords

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With Adwords tracking code all conversions are imported within 90 days. In this case the process is simple ...
Click an ad> Shopping> thank you page > active tracking code > adwords conversion.
But how the process works in the case of importing electronic transactions from analytics to adwords?
a) Click an ad> Shopping> adwords conversion
b ) Click an ad> abandon the web > you return for organic > Shopping> Organic Conversion
The case a) is clear , the conversion is moved from Analytics to Adwords but ..
What happens In case b ) . The conversion moves to adwords ?
The issue is serious, because if importing transaction data from analytics to adwords lose all conversions that are not (last click conversion) it is clear that we lose a lot of information to optimize our accounts with this system and it would be preferable to work with tracking adwords conversions directly .
Thank you very much for your comments...

Re: Importing Objectives from analytics to Adwords

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HI Jose-Romero,
if you import a conversion from Analytics (e.g a goal) than this goal is attributed to the last source.
If the last pre-conversion source was direct traffic, than the conversion is attributed to the referral one step before direct.
In your case b, if the shopping happened in the conversion time frame (1week - 90days) depending of your settings) the conversion will be attributed to adwords but in Analytics according to the attribution model you choose (first click - last click - time decay).

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