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Importing Goals from Analytics in Adwords Conversion?

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I have recently importing some of my GA goals into Adwords and they seem to be tracking fine but some of my Adwords Conversions are not verified. (I think there is an issue with the script that I need to fix on the site).


My question is would be possibple that I don't use Google Adwords Conversion Tracking rather import my Google Analytic Goals into Adwords instead? (This way I won't need to place Adwords Conversion Tracking Code my site).


is it advised to have both set up in Adwords?


Let me know thanks Smiley Happy 

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Re: Importing Goals from Analytics in Adwords Conversion?

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Hey GlenBob,


You can go both ways...


It is fine if you are importing goals from Google Analytics to get the conversion data under Adwords. This does not require installing Adwords conversion tracking script on your website.


If you go other way (i.e. implementing adwords conversion tracking script also), I think it would be more beneficial because the way cookie behaves is different in both the cases i.e. adwords conversion tracking and google analytics. Implementing Adwords conversion tracking will help you go further and explore different dimensions and you can analyze the data from one perspective.


However, if you only go for Google Analytics, the way of understanding data would be little different.


I have also seen sometimes the importing of goals take longer time as compared to the conversion update if you have Adwords conversion tracking installed.


Personally, I go for both (Adwords Conversion Tracking and importing goals as well). Rest depends upon you Smiley Happy



Re: Importing Goals from Analytics in Adwords Conversion?

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Excellent thanks for the info Smiley Happy

Re: Importing Goals from Analytics in Adwords Conversion?

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Hi GlenBob,


Each tracking system has it's benefits. With Analytics goals, you can see where people fall out of the sales funnel and work on those steps accordingly. But it can not track the actual value of the conversion. If all conversions have the same value, this is fine. But if you're running an eCommerce site with many products, this is inadequate for tracking true ROI. Also, in most cases, the conversion will need to happen on the same domain as the landing page.


The AdWords conversion code, when properly integrated with your shopping cart software, allows you to track the actual value of the conversion and get a good number for your ROI. But it won't track a multi-step sales funnel. This also works across domains, so you can record a conversion that happens on a different domain than your landing page.


So, you say, why not do both? Well, I actually do both, but I don't import the Analytics Goals as a conversion. Why not? Because that will double report the number of conversions that happen--once with the Analytics Goal and once with the AdWords conversion code. You can always delete the Analytics goal to prevent this from happening.


Best of Luck!




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