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Importing GA goals to AW, counting during a conversion window

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I've been doing this for a long time but strangely this is the first time I am encountering importing goals to AW. I have a good grasp on what happens but still I can't find answers to some questions. I need a clarification of this paragraph:

"AdWords uses your chosen conversion window(s) (7-90 days, default: 30 days) to determine which goals or Transactions to import from Analytics. For example, if you use the 30-day default window for a goal named goal 1: Registrations, AdWords only imports goal Completions that occurred within 30 days of the click."

(from here -


Count: Every conversion

Conversion window: 30 days


Let's say a user clicks my ad today, and during the same session he changes campaigns, for example, he then also clicks an email campaign and then converts. This will be credited to email and won't be imported to AW as a conversion although that happened like 5 minutes after the ad click. Am I right?

A user clicks my ad today, but he leaves the site. He then returns via email after 15 days. This will be in a different session obviously and email will get the credit - no dice for AW. So, the conversion window only makes sense if the user hasn't changed campaigns during the duration of the window, right? (utmz cookie hasn't been altered since the click)


And also for "Count: Every conversion" - A user clicks my ad, he leaves the site without converting (completing goal, whatever). He then, without interacting with any of my other campaigns within the conversion window, completes a goal on the 15th day upon ad click, then once again on the 22th day, and the third time on the 29th day of the conversion window. This will get reported into AW as 3 in the Conversions column, yes?

Converted clicks gets counted in a standard way, counting conversions only once in a conversion window.

Am I imagining this right?

Thanks guys!

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Re: Importing GA goals to AW, counting during a conversion window

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Hello, Marko.

All your assumptions are right, from what I can tell (and I did my fair share of investigations, as I really thought that AdWords will treat Analytics conversions the same way it treats its own conversion, via the AdWords conversion script; well, it doesn't).

One observation though: your three conversions per click will only be assigned to AdWords if they happen after direct visits. In case people come back through, say, referrer, e-mail and organic, those conversions will be attributed to those mediums and not AdWords.
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Re: Importing GA goals to AW, counting during a conversion window

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Yeah yeah, well I did account for that, it says in there, provided the user don't change campaigns. 
Which the user most certainly will do... so the conversion window is pretty much useless.


Thank you for confirming!


Importing GA goals to AW, counting during a conversion window

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Hello . I have question hope to understand it 

in Conversion setup level , attribution window there are two settings:-

View-through conversion window and Conversion window. About Conversion window choices, what is the best choice period for conversion page like (payment-Thank you page of e-commerce website or online store)

also i can not understand the example of March in link below

Thank you