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Importing GA goal to Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

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I'm working on a platform that doesn't allow me to add the Adwords conversion script to the page conversion page. I can only add TagManager to its head.  I then add tags for GA for page view tracking. 


In and effort to measure conversion I have imported my GA URL goals into the Adwords Conversions. 


However when testing this... the goal is registered in GA but there is no conversion in Adwords.  This is after I click on an ad and make a purchase.


 Is it possible to track conversion in Adwords without adding the conversion script to the web page and by only using GA goals? 




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Importing GA goal to Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

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Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for writing in. 


When it comes to analyzing customer activity on your website, Google offers two features to help you: Google Analytics goals and transactions, and AdWords conversion tracking. If you want to use the Google Analytics goals, you will first have to link your AdWords account and enable auto-tagging.


AdWords Conversion Tracking will start importing the data from your Analytics account starting from the day you clicked Import. Historical data from before this date is not added to conversion tracking. Your goals appear alongside your conversion data in your Conversions page and AdWords reports within two days.


You might see discrepancies in the conversion statistics between Google Analytics and AdWords conversion tracking. If you've double-checked that your setup is correct, here are some possible reasons for why you might see this.


Re: Importing GA goal to Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

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As I stated in my original post,  I have already linked my GA and Adwords accounts. I have also enabled auto-tagging. 


Yet my GA Goal URL's are not firing my Adwords conversions.  I"m not sure if my set up may be affecting this.


Allow me to describe the workflow 


1. Customer clicks on ad

2.  Customer lands on final URL as set in the ad

3. While on final URL Customer click's button that brings up an I-Frame of a third party food ordering site "GloriaFood".  Note: The GA URL Goal is set up on the third part site

4. Order is placed and Goal is completed 


So, my goals are working, accounts are linked and auto-tagging enabled but I don't think my conversion tracking is working or transferring over.  Would this be considered a cross domain?   


Any suggestion? 


I will attach some screenshots of my accounts. 



Image 1. Goal is Not Registering on Campaign (GA View)

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.27.34 PM.png


Image 2.  Goal is registering on Referrals tab.


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.26.01 PM.png

Image 2.  Goal is registering on Conversion Goal URL tab. (GA View)

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.25.25 PM.png Image 3. Goal is Not registering on Adwords Conversions (Adwords View)Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.43.55 PM.png

Importing GA goal to Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

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Google Employee

Hi Jeremy,


It is quite possible that your attribution is being impacted by iframes. Installing the Analytics tracking code on a site that uses frames requires care to ensure that traffic is tracked accurately, and that the referral information is retained. Here is resource with more details. 


I recommend installing cross domain tracking between your site and GloriaFood so Analytics picks up traffic between those two sites as one session. Here is link to the instructions. 


If you are still having trouble, I recommend getting in touch with the AdWords team. They will be able to look into your account and help identify the problem.